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It’s time to re-educate the nation, bum wiping MUST be readdressed,

There is a serious loo roll shortage and to find any we’re hard pressed.

Why do some of your need so much? Have I been doing it in the wrong place?

I had no idea of the impact of this hardship we were set to face.

I guess there’s been a shift in offload location, if you now need so much more?

There is more sh*t going down at home than there ever was before!

Was the norm before to do your sh*t at work and not do it in your own abode?

Had you trained your kids to leave their sh*t at school in order to lighten the load?

My husband always comes home full of sh*t but that’s the way it’s always been,

Perhaps some drop their sh*t at the front door and that’s why it’s never seen.

I know that some always lose their sh*t, handy, if it helps you do without a roll.

How do you deal with your sh*t, if you suffer with self control?

Sh*t happens I know that for sure, since we are all in a shi**y place,

Supermarket shelves, the bare bums of society, all sheets vanished without a trace.

Some people are literally living on a square, forced to ration their wipe to get by,

While others self isolate in a bog roll fort, smug with their abundant supply.

But this sh*t is about to hit the fan, this sh*t has already got real,

Leave some bog roll on the shelf as this sh*t situation is not ideal!

By Michelle Stevens


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