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Around the World

COVID has caused all our trips to be paused. For now, all travel is furled.

I’m wishin’ and hopin’ that when it reopens,

I’ll get to explore the whole world!

So much awaits in cities and states.

The world is a big place to visit.

Countries and seas, from Bern to Belize.

To see it all would be exquisite!

I want to dance on the sidewalks of France.

Sing on the Champs Élysées.

Or go to a zoo in the hills of Peru,

Just feeding the llamas all day.

Maybe I’ll scuba in sunny Aruba,

Swim in the bright ocean blue.

Or win a regatta in Reno, Nevada,

Racing my homemade canoe.

I would get lost in the city of Boston,

Visiting landmarks and shops.

Play basketball with monks in Nepal,

In robes and a pair of high tops.

Go for a sail down in Ft. Lauderdale,

Basking in tropical sun.

Buy a casino in quaint San Marino,

And call it the “Club 21.”

Dance at a disco in fun San Francisco,

Boogie until the wee hours.

Drive a Corvette up the peaks of Tibet,

Stopping to smell all the flowers.

Hang with a hippie in ‘Ole Mississippi,

Chattin’ ‘bout where we’d been to.

Do the insane chasing bulls out in Spain,

Praying I’m not who they run into.

Meet a nice lady on the island of Haiti,

Who’d cook me an authentic meal.

Put on a tunic and party in Munich,

With a rap duo called “Glock & Spiel.”

I’d try some açai in Maui, Hawaii

Or taro, their vegetable root.

I could be part’a the crowds in Jakarta,

That eat smelly durian fruit.

As soon as I can I will go to Japan,

To eat sushi and visit a temple. Travel to Sweden for items I’m needin’,

And buy furniture I can’t assemble.

Go for a jog along rivers in Prague,

Running through castles and towns.

I’d explore Singapore like never before,

Enjoying the sights and the sounds.

I’d travel to Venice for vino and tennis,

Sipping grapa before every serve.

Go on safari deep in the Kalahari,

At an African nature preserve.

I could explore the Australian shore,

From Sydney way over to Perth.

I’ll meet some new pals in exotic locales, As I wander all over the Earth.

I’d relax in Tahiti with only my sweetie,

To unwind in a beach bungalow.

The world is inviting and travel’s exciting,

With so many great places to go!

Friendly new faces and faraway places,

From Maine to the white cliffs of Dover.

Dozens of ways to live out my days.

I’ll see the world when this virus is over.

New destinations in hundreds of nations.

Milan to the great China wall.

Places to see waiting only for me.

I look forward to seeing them all!

By Adam Lazarus


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