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Flip the Human


Came and spun the




Flipped the W in wealth

To the H for health

Took our flighty fancies

No more hugs or kisses.

Forget soft hands

Or warm embraces,

Click on the icon,

See only faces,


Toys about,

A messy life,

Being lived throughout.


Q outside of Waitrose

Stocking up in the throes

Of a pandemic

So epic


Spread across the pacific

Neither racist, bigoted nor specific -

Just horrific.

Our universe

Unleashed her infected breath

Into the air,

A vomit of what

We’ve fed her -


You’re tireless,

And now the pied piper

Comes to collect,

Shutting stores

And grounding jets,

Food to go,

Rush back home,

Live your life through a phone.

Life has quietened down to a hum,

A scaled back song used to blare

Into our daily living,

Notes of doing,

Replaced by silent stressing,

As key workers

Lift the weight of

The shirkers

Of responsibility,

It’s plain to see

The callosity

Time to use that money you taxed me!

It's more than distance

We’ll have to get.

There’ll sadly still be a debt

We’ll feel as we

Hear the sighs

Echo across skies -

Those lives.

There’s no going back to the ways of old

‘Cause this dis-ease

Is showing up the degrees

Of imbalance

The nonchalance

Of a Z generation


In by continued corporate molestation

Willing to forsake the aged

They’re waiting

For things to go back to shaking

Got feeds to feed and moves to be making.

Nah human, it’s not that way

We’re all stuck in this repeated day

Talking, writing,

Sharing feelings

Cooking, planting

Doing healings.

How you feeling?

Locked down

Boxed up

Closed in

Freaked out?


Slow it down.

There’s no getting out of town.

Look around

What’s been found?

Heroes revealed,

Liars exposed,

Cracks in the system,

Solutions imposed.

People are now talking

‘bout crashing economies

Built on inequalities,

We’ve been led to believe

Could not be relieved.

People are now seeing

That you can work from home,

Take meetings on the phone

Cut down your commute

Produce without rebuke.

People are now hearing –

Business is more than the

Profit and the loss,

The triple bottom line

Has to factor in the costs.




None can thrive alone

Just like we’ve come to feel

Isolated in our zones.

Idle hands, chafed bums,

Back we go to the humdrum;

To the what’s important,

In the end,

The food, the family and the friends.

Priorities need re-ordered,

We’ve had them in reverse.

Or things will not get better

Until they get much worse.

By Layla Maghribi

See Layla perform Flip the Human here



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