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Happy 100th Birthday Colonel Tom Moore

It was the roaring 20s, flappers and jazz bands all the rage;

George V sat on the throne and Rupert the Bear first appeared on a newspaper page.

Bentley’s came off the production line, Women could get an Oxford degree,

The average house price was £320, a loaf of bread just a couple of p.

The first overseas flight from the US was an aviation historic event,

For the F.B.I. J . Edgar Hoover began his historic ascent.

But it’s what happened on Friday 30th of April that is our particular draw,

To a couple in Keighley, a baby was born, who we know as Captain Tom Moore.

He grew up in West Yorkshire, enlisted in the army at the start of WW2,

Serving his country proudly, fortunately, he made it through.

Posted in India, Burma, and Sumatra achieving his Captain title along the way.

Memories that have stayed with him right to the present day.

He appeared on Blankety Blank, he raced Motorcycles competitively,

He worked as the MD for a concrete firm and raised a family.

On April 6th, 2020, after Covid struck, he started walking for the NHS,

Never expecting his charitable mission to be such a massive success.

The aim was simple just 100 laps with his Zimmer around the back yard,

But at the tender age of 99, this war veteran expected it to be quite hard.

With a goal of £1000 in mind, he set off on his walk,

But with the power of social media people started to talk.

His mission captured the nation, cash began to roll in;

Within a matter of days, he had over £20 million in the charity bin

But the donations didn’t stop there, cash was thrown at the cause,

Capt. TI’m Moore became a household name, celebrated with much applause.

His strength and resilience captured our hearts, a positive story in this depressing time.

His NHS charity walk has now raised over £32 million with cash still flowing in, online.

Moore is now a Colonel, the MOD bestowed this honorary promotion,

To recognise his achievement, his courage, service, and devotion.

In honour of his birthday, the country has united in celebration,

With over 150,000 birthday cards sent from right across the nation.

An RAF flypast and postal mark part of today’s 100th birthday in the rain,

Celebrity messages, paintings, and his name given to a bus and a train.

Never before in history, has so much money been raised on a JustGiving page,

Breaking Guinness World Records with every step and at every single stage.

And his achievements just keep coming, as for just a bit more charity fun,

He released a single with Michael Ball and swooped straight into Number One!

He is proud to have contributed to the NHS, the dedicated workers on the front line,

Working tirelessly to beat this bug and help drive its steady decline.

So now it’s time to celebrate, raise a glass for Colonel Tom today,

A toast to his amazing achievement and this legend on his 100th birthday.

By Michelle Stevens

There is still time to donate!

Image used rights of Tom Moore via JustGiving


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