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In Quarantine I . . .

Did some work, tripped over the cat.

Got a bad back, lay on a mat.

Conversed on Zoom in a silly hat.

Tried to home school, enough about that.

Watched Attenborough in his natural habitat.

Had to mute the WhatsApp parent chat.

Bit my tongue to avoid a spat.

Made a dent in the sofa where I continually sat.

Cleared out cupboards, threw out some tat.

Was thankful I didn’t live in a flat.

Gave up on obsessing over every stat

Wondered constantly what day it was at.

Broke up petty fights about this and that.

Had to turn down the thermostat.

Cursed that blasted, infected bat.

Ate and drank far too much, felt a bit fat.

By Michelle Stevens


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