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Lockdown Life

I wake up every morning with my poor head in a spin.  Because again I have no clue which weekday I am in. 

My legs- they ache- my stomach hurts and then there are my arms.  As Wicksey has me hopping high- I can’t resist his charms!  Then I try to teach my kids just how to read and write.  Which lasts for thirty seconds as they start to moan and fight.  Cue the crafts to ease the mood which always calms them down. As YouTube shows us how to make a royal paper crown.  We paint and draw, we glue and stick to keep ourselves amused.   Then end up with a sticky crown that’s too small to be used.  By lunchtime I feel tired and worn but thank my lucky stars.   That they haven’t found the glitter yet or worse still- the guitars.  An afternoon of baking and the garden to stay fit.  Is the only way to keep our minds off all this awful s**t. As night draws in we read our books and snuggle in together.  When I wish that I could pause the clock and stay right here forever.

By Sarah Morrell



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