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Look Forward

To all of the graduates.

Wow. Quite a year!

Time to look forward. Your future is here!

What’s next is unknown.

Your options may vary.

I know it’s not perfect. In fact, it seems scary. Especially now. The world is a mess. But like final exams, you will pass this test.

So, take a deep breath. A pause. Then look forward! Soon you’ll discover A goal to move toward.

It may be tomorrow. Perhaps it takes longer. Your path may be hard, But that just makes you stronger.

Be open to big things. Try something new. Don’t “just get a job”, Do what’s perfect for you!

Be true to yourself.

Don’t sacrifice dreams. Don’t settle for average, As hard as that seems.

Yes, make some money. Sure, see the world. Go fight for a cause. Find the right boy or girl.

Go off to college. Or start that career. But always look forward. Ahead. Not arear.

Find new, better ways. Explore and uncover. This time is for you! What will you discover?

Learn a new language. Help out and give back. Do lots of odd jobs Till you find your own knack.

Launch that new business. Invent some cool thing. Honor your talents. Write, paint or sing.

But always look forward While enjoying the now. Although it may seem There’s no way, and no how. I know it seems daunting. I’m sure it sounds tough. There are many unknowns. The waters seem rough.

But life is a journey.

There’s no destination. It’s a wild train ride So enjoy every station.

Look forward to travel. Look forward to learning. Work hard, work smart, And look forward to earning. Look forward to memories. Look forward to fun. If your vision seems cloudy,

Look forward to sun. Look forward, all graduates! You’ll get past this strife.

You only live once.

So, look forward to life!

Look forward, not backward. It’s your life - live it well! And when you’re successful, What a story you’ll tell!

By Adam Lazarus


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