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Love in a Covid Climate

What rule did I transgress

What crime did I commit

For you to smash my heart

Into the smallest bits?

It's splintered, shattered on the floor

You cut me to my very core

Remotely you walked out the door

Now you don't Zoom me anymore

We used to chat for hours

(Once I'd clicked on your link)

In our respective beds

Curled up with just a drink

With online love you knew the score

I want things as they were before

But I'm a shipwreck far from shore

Now you don't Zoom me anymore

Was my wifi too weak?

My video unclear?

My background indistinct?

My voice too quiet to hear?

Did I break some unwritten law?

All of my invites are ignored

What happened to our great rapport?

Now you don't Zoom me anymore

I thought you were the one

Since our first virtual date

Till 'old normal' resumed

The physical could wait

Our romance clearly had a flaw

I punch my keypad, fingers raw

You've changed your number – final straw!

Now you don't Zoom me anymore

(And although I remain your true believer

You don't FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype or Instagram me


By Neal Zetter


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