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New School

You're coming back to school, but it won't be the same

With many different rules to learn since the last time that you came.

But please remember: everyone just wants the best for you;

To keep you safe, to keep you well, nothing short of that will do.

So when you first arrive at school at your specific gate,

Your adult will stand by your side to help you safely wait.

Even if you see your friends, you'll need to keep apart,

But you can wave and talk and smile,

Or make your hands just like a heart!

A teacher will be there to meet you standing all alone,

You'll say goodbye to Mum or Dad walk in on your own.

You'll need to wash your hands again as soon as you're inside

Then find you way to your new seat in a space that seems so wide

No one will sit next to you, but it's not because you smell!

It's just to keep you safe and sound, so you don't become unwell.

It might seem quite strange at first that you'll have your own table

With just your pen, a pencil, rubber and just one book to label!

Half your class will be there, the other half next door

But I'm sad to say , at first at least, you'll hardly see them anymore.

And here's the weirdest part of all,

And the one that we can't stand

You might not see your normal teacher, we hope you understand.

It's not you it's just the virus making it this way,

If we could, you know we'd have you all here each and every day.

Your lessons might be different, and at first they might be tricky

But if there's one thing teachers do,

It's get you unstuck when things get sticky!

The toys and games you love to use might be packed away

But you'll still get your play and lunchtimes to break up your day

No more dinners in the lunch hall; it's packed lunches in your room

But then it's out into the sunshine

Where you can skip and jump and zoom!

You'll have to stay in just one part of the outdoor grounds

We'll probably call them zones in school,

As weird as that sounds

And through the day you 'll only be with one or two adults

So you are going to have to get used to them

And all their flaws and faults!

But I can tell you this, consider it a guarantee

No matter who you're taught by, they won't rest till you're happy.

Your school week's now as long as your weekend used to be,

But don't go thinking just because you're home that you are free!

Your teachers will still love to read of all the things you've done

When you're learning back at home (or relaxing in the sun)

We'll still set work for you and give ideas to try at home

To help you with your learning when you're back there on your own.

Now the first time that you come in, you might feel quite sad

Because this won't be the school you left when everything went mad.

But it's the best that we can do, and it's only for a while,

And when all this is over we can look back and smile

At the way we came together when our return to school had begun

Many working together, striving for the best, as one.

By Kevin Shammas


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