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‘Remember to brush your teeth!’ They said,

‘Remember to comb your hair!’

‘Remember to wash your face, my boy,’

‘Before you go to bed!!’

Everything is different now,

So hard to remember,

Everything changed that month,

That one 2019 December.

It’s ‘Remember to wash your hands’ now,

‘Remember to stay inside!’

‘Remember we’re helping the NHS,’

‘I’ll remember,’ I replied.

‘Remember to look for rainbows,

That one walk of the day!’

‘Remember to put a bear up

And look for them!’ They say

‘Remember to stay that distance,

Of 2 meters every day’

‘Remember this, Remember that!’

‘Remember, here you’ll stay’

‘Remember to use hand gel’

‘And wash your hands before you eat’

‘Remember to keep your hands clean’

‘And hi-five with your feet’

‘Tell someone if you get a fever,

Or if your head starts to ache,

Tell us if you are out of breath,

As soon as you wake’

There’s so much to remember,

In this difficult and scary time,

So much to remember,

And so little time.

By Lily Eastwood


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