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Times Ahead

Everything we know is about to change;

Entering unprecedented times and a world most strange.

Grounded planes, deserted streets.

People panic buying food and shelving treats.

Entertainment spaces shut down, social and sport gatherings axed.

Panic spread by papers and inadequate facts.

Commuter trains quiet, heads buried in scarves;

Concern etched on faces replacing the laughs.

The society we know can’t go on as planned,

Some prep for the worst some stick heads in the sand.

You can go out for now but stick two meters apart,

Mostly ignored, most still governed by heart.

School kids sent home, parents don’t leave for work;

A time for quality togetherness or to be driven berserk?

The community rallies, support groups in place,

Ready to lend a hand for the challenges we face.

We may feel the pinch, we may feel a bit strapped,

Times ahead will be tough, but we must accept and adapt.

Don’t panic, don’t hoard, be mindful of others,

Check on your relatives, neighbours, fathers and mothers.

We’re tough, resilient and resourceful we know what to do,

It may take some time but we will make it through.

Keep washing your hands, be kind, and keep well.

Remember this spring season’s must have accessory, is anti bac. gel.

By Michelle Stevens


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