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Unprecedented Events

Last night something happened, something never done before.

We were ordered to stay inside our houses and not leave our front door.

Our children won’t go to school, parents too must stay at home.

If we really need to leave, in isolation we must roam.

A shopping trip must be essential, exercise can be done just once each day.

We need to abide these tricky rules till the virus has no prey.

There are some essential workers that are allowed to break the rules,

But for their work to be effective we must shut away the fools.

So enjoy your time together, yes, some days will be rough.

There’s a long road ahead of us which at times will feel quite tough.

Try to take it easy, try to limit pressure on yourself.

Right now you need to focus on your physical and mental health.

And if you’re currently on your own, if at home there’s only you.

There’s a community of helpers close by to help you through.

By Michelle Stevens


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