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What do you miss the most?

What do you miss the most? They ask,

But it’s not that easy,

What do you wish you could do now? They press,

They thought it would be breezy,

Some people say ‘Seeing my friends!’

And some say ‘Visiting the park’

Some people wish they could go to school, 

Some wish they weren’t kept in the dark,

I miss the easiness,

Of going out for a jog,

I miss the simpleness,

When we weren’t stuck in smog,

I want to go back to normal,

But that can’t happen yet,

Not unless we do as we’re told, 

And do not worry or fret. 

So stay at home, where you’re safe,

And always wear a mask,

Stay at home, away from life,

It’s not a hard task.

By Lily Eastwood


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