Due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, we are all currently living in challenging times.  Be it dealing with lockdown or navigating the new"normal" that we find ourselves in, circumstances can be very different for everyone. For some a hard to maintain juggle of life, work and family, or perhaps a valuable opportunity to take a breather, enjoy family life. Some will be experiencing the struggle of the financial and emotional burdens that this situation has created, as jobs are lost and circumstances drastically changed.  Key workers on the frontline are working hard for the rest of us, witnessing never imagined scenarios and of course many are experiencing devastating losses as those close to them are taken before their time.


Keeping a record

At some point life will be back to normal or whatever our new normal manifests itself to be and while this crazy time will never be forgotten we realised that we needed to ensure that the creativity that has been sparked during these unusual times is documented and pulled together in one place not just for now but for reflection in the future.  Every piece of prose,  poem, short story provides a different perspective, and a historical record of the events, feelings and emotions that people experienced during Covid 19. 

Share what you love

We ask that you share the site, share what you enjoy, share what you have written that has been inspired by these unprecedented circumstances and we will continue to publish to the site selected short stories, prose or poems that are submitted, with the most popular post of each week highlighted as the featured post.

Hope & Humanity

Our hope is that this hub of creativity provides comfort to some who may be sharing the same thoughts and feelings, exists as a source of further inspiration,  in some cases a laugh and to others, a means by which established and new writers, regardless of age or experience can share their creativity and thoughts to a wider audience. We want to ensure that some of the great words that have been written during this time are shared and not just lost to a notepad or down a social feed.

Thank you

Michelle & Clair 

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