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Down by the Estuary . . .

An ever changing scene,

Sometimes glittering light on the water,

Or misty, enveloped in cloud,

It empties and fills

Empties and fills,

The ebb and flow of the tide,

A constant in these ever changing times.

I forget my worries they disappear like the tide,

Washed out to sea,

Washing away my cares,

Washing away my troubles,

Easing the pain.

I stop and listen to the lap of the water,

Listen to the mournful cry of the Curlew, Lapwing and Tern,

The only sounds in utter peace and quiet,

Calmness in a chaotic world,

This is my mediation, my mindfulness easing anxiety clearing my head.

I feel alive , feel the wind on my face, taste the salty air breathe deeply

feeling restored.

I look to the distant mountains ,

Feel contentment

God's beautiful world.

My soul is renewed ,

This beauty is always here,

Always constant,

Nature isn’t in lockdown,

It needs no passport to cross countries,

It will be here long after all this is over,

It has no care, it carries on,

Like the tide,

Ebbs and flows,

Ebbs and Flows.

By Catherine


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