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The uncommon things today Are objects laying around in the folds of my apartment Like bright earrings that usually wait for the right occasion. But shone brilliantly on my work zoom calls yesterday. Or the canisters always filled with lentils, spices and grains that now stand empty. Serene against the backdrop of today’s austerity. That winter scarf that was fading and unworn. Until it was reborn as a handmade face-mask that will save lives. But you know what’s not uncommon? The display in my dreams. In them, I still see exceptional strength and unflinching loyalty in the way my family carries out the mundane. I recognize the cars of my youth with right-handed steering wheels and enticing hand gears. Corridors lined up with school-mates devouring whatever their mothers saw them off with. I see animals and reptiles sometimes in confusing habitats but always in full grandeur.

So what is uncommon today?

Why, everything. Of course.

And what is not uncommon today?

Well, everything. Of course.

By Aparna Muralidharan


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