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I'm supposed to be at school today

I’m supposed to be at school today But mum says I can’t go ‘It’s our turn on the bikes’ I said But she hugged me and said ‘No’ I get to play at home today And sit and watch TV Dad’s been on his phone all day But it doesn’t bother me Mum made us ring gran today And I said that I had grown I told them both my favourite joke And gran laughed loud down the phone No-ones playing on my street today And I’m getting bored of TV I got a bit upset and sad Then mum sat me on her knee She said ‘It all feels a little strange today Not just for you, but for me It won’t be like this forever, my love Just you wait and see’ Dad came off his computer today And helped me read my book Both our tummies started rumbling So then he taught me how to cook I played out in the yard today And found some bugs within the grass My neighbour saw me through the window And waved at me through the glass Guess what? I went back to school today And all my friends had come back too My classroom looked exactly the same And my teacher said ‘I missed you’ Gran came round for tea today And said something to me ‘You must remember this time, my dear ‘Cause they’ll teach this in History’

By Lucy Short

Written by Lucy for the SELFA Children's Charity



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