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You can cast away your clothing

And get naked on the beach

You can stand upon your balcony

And then begin to preach 

You can juggle with a pineapple

Or nectarine or peach

But I really must beseech you - 

Don’t be drinking f***in bleach. 

You can amble to the kitchen

Where you might switch on the kettle

You can run around your garden

and then dive into some nettles

You can strap on your old air guitar

And rock to heavy metal

But I really can’t be clear enough

Don’t drink no f***in Dettol

Yes I have some simple words for you

I know you are expectant

I want you to be self-aware

And start to be reflectant

So if you think you want to search

For some kind of injectant

I really, really have to say


By Joshua Seigal


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