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Lockdown and Quarantine

Finally dared to unmute as the reporter continues Briefing the rising death counter on the news While I desperately wait for the numbers to reduce People who would rather live and die for jewels Are ready to give up everything without any excuse Complaining used to be the core of my existence Looks like nature has finally got it's vengeance As gratefulness is now woken up by my conscience Chirping birds disrupt this miserable silence And cheer me with their melodic presence The street lights I was too blind to notice Imagine the tough lives of the homeless Who only hope to never get hopeless It's your turn now to return the service The time to prove that you're not heartless The street dogs have now stopped to bark Echoes of giggles faded around the park The world doesn't care anymore about the quark These trees now stare deadly in the dark Treading on the road is haunted to embark 911 got upgraded on every speed dial Humans are all shackled with invisible trial Expecting bad news every once in a while Looking for an antidote in a non-existent vial Bulk of corpses share room on the dead pile The countdown on life's lotus had to resume The drop on its petal was destined to doom As soul escapes body heading towards the tomb

It's hard to wipe off eulogies that minds consume As eyes mourn capturing those periods of gloom

By Afra Abro



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