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Lockdown Blues

I’ve always been a ‘stay at home’

Never much for going out

I just didn’t like to ‘partaay’

Or put myself about

No mad nights on the town for me

Getting dressed up not my thing

I’d rather be in bed by ten

With the latest ‘Stephen King’

But now we’re all in lockdown

Told to stay indoors

I’m feeling slightly claustrophobic

Because I can’t go to the stores

I’ve cleaned the flat from top to bottom

Had (several) naps throughout the day

Must stop myself from eating

Wish I had some Cabernet

I should take up a hobby

Knit a jumper, weave a hat

Make origami animals

A swan, a dog or cat

But now we’re all in lockdown

Told to isolate

I’ve got this urge to run outside

Go clubbing until late

I want to skip my way round Tesco’s

Frolic wildly in the rain

Ignore rules of social distancing

On buses or the train

I want to climb a mountain

Swim stark naked in the sea

I’m going on an all-day pub crawl

The very moment I’m set free

But my reality is lockdown

And although it seems a stress

Staying home means saving lives

And protects our NHS

By Deborah Turner



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