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Lockdown Life is a Rollercoaster ( of emotions).

It started with confusion

We weren’t locking down

So we carried on regardless

Which, with hindsight, was a ridiculous act of delusion

Then came fear

The rules were strict, yet vague

We had to adhere

How long for?

It was all far from clear

Days blurred into weeks

And by May, well, it felt like a different year

We could no longer hug

Just like that

Pulled away from us

Like a rug we hadn’t even noticed was there

Each visit online felt like an attack

But not everything we saw was a fact

People would bluster, shout, argue, over-react

Then came overload

At the never ending news

Too much to process, too much to download

I hit mute, mute, mute

And slowed

Slowed and retreated

I ran away, at home

With cooking, books and art

Busy busy busy

Just trying not to fall apart

And finally came hope

Faith in others keeping us safe

Those who try to collaborate, educate, elevate

Hope is not all we have

But it helps

So I hold it tight

As it is all I can hold

Until we can all hold each other again.

By Lisa O'Hare

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