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Old Skool

Bus rides, book bags, uniform:

Nope! Now PJs are the norm.

Lunch dets. if you played the fool –

who’d have guessed they’re now…OLD SKOOL?

Joe Wicks in the living room,

catching up with friends on Zoom,

kept in when I don’t break rules –

getting used to this…new school.

Street dance, football, art club, games,

going home for tea with James,

Friday lessons at the pool –

group activities …OLD SKOOL!

Log-in problems, crashed the iPad,

Ofsted rating: really bad.

My new class is MINISCULE –

it’s just me in this…new school.

Hockey, netball, food tech, drama,

class trip to the town Gurdwara,

science: build this molecule –

school has been declared...OLD SKOOL.

Dad’s been furloughed, Mum’s on calls,

baby brother’s climbing walls.

Sort of thought this would be cool, but –

kind of missing my…old school.

By Sarah Ziman


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