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Our Own Way

no, she's not doing all the work the school has set

no, we've not learnt to bake chocolate croissants yet

no, i haven't managed to keep up all my work

no, i've not had any urge at all to clean my house

no. we're not out jogging as the sun comes up to shine

no, we've not been following extra class online

no, i haven't used this time at home for meditating

no, i've not been making scrubs and masks from my old curtains

yes, she's done a little bit of work the school has set

yes, we tried to make hash browns and cook her first fried egg

yes, she's on my phone again so I can get these emails done

yes, i've cried a few times while hiding in the bathroom

yes, i can still see though my never once cleaned window glass

yes, we played twister, yes that counts as P.E. class

yes, she's been on Zoom playing Roblox all day Saturday

yes, we're sat in separate room; yes, we both need space to play;

no, i don't feel guilty, yes, we're both okay

just getting through this time in our own way

By Hollie McNish


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