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Safe Space

I want so much to see you 

But I turn back to my safe space.

I smile, remember how things were 

But I rest in my safe space. 

I’d like to look beyond this moment 

But I shelter in my safe space.

Our world awakens, grows larger.

Our territory gapes open, 

Each day it’s wider, wilder.

I lose my balance, I trip, 

Then stumble home to my safe space. 

I’m gazing down the precipice. 

Scree clatters down the cliff 

The harsh wind whips my hair into my face.

I’m a step away from the edge. 

In the valley far below,

People begin to move together.

Behind me, peaceful, gentle, waits my safe space. 

Refuge lies with people too.

But for just a little longer

I need to retreat to my safe space. 

By Emma Fielder


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