The Gruf-furlough

A boy took a stroll all around his house,

Walked past his Dad as quiet as a mouse.

The boy found his mum, with washing in a stack.

"I'm hungry" he proclaimed "I need a snack!".

"I'm terribly busy" his mother said,

As she juggled washing, cooking, cleaning and making the bed.

"Have you tried your dad? You haven't? No?"

She huffs "he's turned into a Gruf-furlough!!!"

"A Gruf-furlough? What's a Gruf-furlough?"

"A Gruf-furlough! Why didn't you know?"

His head has been shaved,

He's got a bit fat,

He has roasting red sunburn all over his back,

His toilet is stocked with 10 tons of loo roll,

His cupboards are filled up with strong alcohol!"

"But where do I find him?"

"Here by his phone

playing games all day long like he lives all alone"

"I didn't realise he was here!" the boy answered back.

"OK, anyway, mummy can you get me a snack!"

By Kerry Chandler


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