The Lockdown Poem

C - Cake baking

O - Out on our bikes

R - Really miss my friends

O - Outside teddy bear zip line in the garden

N - Nice cuddles while reading Harry Potter

A - Acrylic painting

V - Vegetable patch in the garden

I - In the paddling pool, so much fun

R - Rainbow walks in the woods

U - Unique time together

S - Seven am walk in the Bluebells!

L - Lovely hugs with my Mummy and my Sister

O - Out and about social distancing

C - Clap for the NHS and key workers


D - Daily P.E. with Joe Wicks

O - Out on scooters

W - Watercolour painting in the garden

N – Non-stop fun!

By Poppy Shrimpton

#lockdownforkids #lockdownlife


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