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The Memes Ask If Anyone Has Tried Unplugging 2020 and Plugging It Back In

But we can’t find the socket, so we tiptoe

across the concrete floors of our sorrows

looking for the drawer with the duct tape,

which we heard works on everything. And it

only takes one drop to tell if it’s raining,

so we touch our cheeks to determine

what is a tear, what is a weather pattern? We wonder

if we should turn 2020 upside down

and shake it like an Etch-a-Sketch. Let’s go back

to an empty screen and start again,

you move one knob, I’ll move the other,

our shoulders touching, side by side

on a bench, not knowing that there could be

any other way we could live.

By Melissa Studdard & Kelli Russell Agodon


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