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The Things We Now See

The shapes of the clouds making bears and giraffes

Lying on the grass and spotting them makes us laugh

The quiet, there are less aeroplanes in the sky

Instead we see the many coloured birds flying high.

Robbins nesting on the railway tracks

Birds that been attacked

Dad says that’s the food chain in process

We get to see it now as it manifests.

No traffic jams as the roads are empty

We can now make daisy chains as there are plenty

And other little flowers sprouting up everywhere

All the things growing, including our hair.

When we take our walks we don’t see so many cars

And in the night sky we see so many more stars

We see caterpillars nibbling away on leaves

And butterflies dancing around the trees.

Tadpoles making their way to frogs

Ants carrying crumbs along a log

Dandelion fuzz drifting through the air

And the colour of men’s scalp as they all shave their hair.

Stinging nettles that make us itch

After yet another fall into yet another ditch

And people smiling now as though they are happy to meet

Whilst we are on our scooters bounding down the street.

The magpies we salute to in the sky

The steam rising from our home-made pie

I don’t know if mummy is wrong or right

But she says we wouldn’t see this in normal life.

Mummy and daddy hugging on the sofa

And shouting at each other about when it will all be over

The roses budding and coming into full bloom

People cheering on the streets and banging pots with a spoon.

All our friends faces on Google Meets

Show & Tells and our favourite programmes on repeat

And many many rainbows on the windows everywhere

This is to show the NHS how much we care.

So we see many things now that we didn’t see before

And there is way more family time that’s for sure

So we think that during Covid 19 we are seeing much more

Or perhaps we are just noticing much more than before.

By Charlie (6), Poppy (4) and Mummy (39)



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