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The Un-Normal Christmas

Here’s to the un-normal year

Un-normal meetings

The un-normal beers

To each one of you fighting through

Holed up in rooms staring at Zoom

To the events we’ve had to miss

Big birthdays, that just married kiss

Having to call on happy times

Losing loved ones with no last goodbye

To the super dads and mums

Keeping families going through all outcomes

To our people dressed in blue

Giving up their normal to care for you

To the ones helping their neighbour

With an ear to listen, a shopping favour

To un-normal conversations

Constant news updates, grim realisations

To the days we don’t forget

That some distance hasn’t stopped love yet

To a Christmas spent alone

Eating turkey on the telephone

If being lonely is a danger

Give your smile to each and every stranger

No kind gesture is too small

To a merry Christmas one and all

By Cara Roberts

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