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The Unskilled

We are the unskilled,

at the other end of the curve from you.

Most of the time you don’t notice us

as we do what we do. Silently stitching

the fragile fabric that holds your life,

we are the unskilled, ghosting through

early mornings and late nights

so you can muse on higher things

in the comfort that you’re accustomed to.

There’s not much need to take heed

of us as we prop up the pillars

of your day for you

for we are the unskilled.

We grease the axles of your world for you

but kindness, perseverance

and determination too

are not quite deemed to be the same

as having letters after your name.

Yes we are the unskilled,

preparing, cleaning, polishing the board

on which you play your game.

By Joshua Seigal


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