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"Theybie" Boom

April was the name my mother gave me

She cried and cried for days when I was born

My dad was pretty sick, he never knew me

The World was in the eye of that ol’ storm

They tell me it was common to embrace

They tell me people even used to kiss

But daddy didn’t make it and momma quickly followed

And I didn’t have a brother nor a sis

They raised me in a camp of screaming ‘Theybies’

Skull and Bone pyjamas and a Baphomet robe

My birthday gift a CHIP, no buts no maybes

The fate of every child around the globe

They taught me to fit in, to be a member

Of the New World Order, for the good of man

Agenda 30 says, I’ll have a unit of my own

As only those compliant surely can

I’ll get to see the movies of wild animals

The Fathers of the Nations will allow

An annual visitation, of the wilderness to see

An elephant, a tiger or a cow

We get to run the factories and reactors

Enough of us remain, to keep things ticking

Six billion vaccines later, the causal factor

The planet’s safe, but mankind took a licking

Control is in the implant in our hand

An A.I. global network holds the key

Self appointed regal families as they’d planned

Leaves the world to darkness and to me

Corona is the killer stated media

Like sheep we were, we listened to their lies

But a virus ain’t a cause, it’s a reactor

5G we came to know caused the Great Demise!

By Peter Walsh



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