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Travel plans

Where do you think you're going, Mam?

Not sure Boris, maybe Amsterdam,

Away from the chaos, that's for sure,

Away from Covid and rules galore.

Oh but Mam, the virus is everywhere,

There's no place on earth safe from fear,

Come to mention it, is that a cough I hear?

You'd better isolate, come this way dear.

Fine, then I'll travel to an adventure film,

Chuck my mask inside a flaming hot kiln,

Collect the history when it's over,

Throw it off the Cliffs of Dover.

You can travel to this mystical place,

But first fill in the track and trace,

We will also require a negative test,

To ensure you don't have the deadly pest.

You can keep your confusing red tape,

I'm flying with an invisibility cape,

Freedom is a state of mind,

Imagination is a ticket to ride.

By Rosella Dello Ioio



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