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Turning Point

Fading behind four silent walls,

A prisoner in my home,

Securely bound by anxiety,

Sinking into turmoil alone.

Harried by an invisible fiend,

Hiding, lurking, who knows where?

Normality has been banished:

Stripped bare of friends to share.

Then a glimpse of simple beauty,

Through my window on the world,

Caught a splendid season blossoming,

As spring swiftly unfurled.

Capturing imaginations and

Releasing heavy minds,

Nature heals with hope and wonder

In the green cathedral we find.

So wonder at the sparrow quarrel

And where their dispute lies.

Gaze heavenward at the graceful buzzard,

Sailing brilliant blue ocean skies.

Let your heart follow flutter below

Of orange tip and brimstone bright.

Marvel at bee highway hum

And the traffic of busy flight.

Be lost in timeless beauty

Of a rose in dawn’s first light

And the mesmerising bluebell sea,

Swaying amongst the starry white.

Catch that spark of energy,

Generating an electric flow.

Relax into the warm caress

Of spring sunshine’s soft glow.

Submerse in the sweet symphony

Of nature’s magical song.

Float in the feeling of whole again,

Back where you belong.

Be lulled by the wild whisper

Of nature’s lushest leaves.

Trace spring’s first glossy swallow

Through the ocean deeps it weaves.

Led from the darkest days,

With the light I eternally follow,

Life begins to brighten,

Transforming dull and hollow.

Resilience leads recovery,

As communities begin to heal:

A new beginning dawning

With a shine of precious and real.

By Linda Middleton



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