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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow


Holiday planned, flights booked

Sunlit children laughing in early spring

Dull intonations in a fusty classroom

An amorous amble down a sunset avenue The dropping quiet of church, mosque and temple

Grey rain and the running late, always late

Flirting in a bar, rapture in the gallery

The roar of the Kop, the Stretford End, the Bridge

A sorry morning after the roistering before

The path down Eskdale to a glimpse

Of the glinting sea


The sleepless anxiety over

Things no longer certain

The solitary, elderly relative

A sick friend who doesn't pick up

The constant reading of statistics

About the chances of death

The ever-racing thoughts

About where it all might end

But also today

The small gestures of solidarity

The food parcel on a doorstep

The kiss blown across the street

The Skype chatter, the FaceTime grin

The nurse ready in the teeth of it all

Our symbols of hope for now


And tomorrow?

We will soon dare to think of tomorrow

By Graham Hopwood



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