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Comparative Guidance for Social Distancing

Just remember it's:

The length of a musk ox or fully-grown llama

Three Rubik's Cubes plus one Keir Starmer

Eleven seven-inch singles by Bananarama

That's what two meters is.

Alternatively, it's:

1/192,199,930th of a single moon beam

2.2 times greater than Munch's The Scream

About 10.5 packets of custard creams

That'll be two meters.

If easier, think:

Thirty-three pairs of dragonfly wings

The length of a yoga mat belonging to Sting

Two one-metre long pieces of string

That comes to two metres.

Or failing that, imagine:

0.00000091 of the coast of mainland Wales

18.2648402 cricket balls

One and a quarter Prunella Scales

That's two metres.

By Brian Bilston


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