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I thought I’d kind of cracked it with this Covid Lockdown stuff

Now I’ve woken up this morning feeling I’ve just had enough…

Enough of having nowhere that I really need to be

Enough of wearing ‘jamas while I do Zoom poetry

Enough of feeling knackered in the middle of the day

Enough of people acting like this bug has gone away

Enough of waking up my kids at 10, or 12, or 2

Enough of printing off the schoolwork that they have to do

Enough of always thinking that I’m failing left and right

Enough of trying to get the kids to bed before midnight

Enough of how Coronavirus seems intent to stay

Enough of how my life has changed in loads of different ways

Enough of standing miles apart and waving from afar

Enough of rules that oftentimes seem utterly bizarre

Enough of trying to get the kids to come out on a walk

Enough of hearing politicians talk and talk and talk

Enough of Lockdown every day, I’m done with all that stuff

If I could sum my feelings up in one word, it’s: ENOUGH!

By Conrad Burdekin


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