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Lock Down Chin Up!

Lock down, keep chin up,

No beer pint, just tea cup,

Meet on Zoom, then take it slow,

Commuter train, no need to go.

Change of life, on pain of death,

The new routine: Safeguard your breath,

Stay alert, but also sleep,

Don’t take the car, use your feet.

Love thy neighbour, ensure they’re fed,

Think not for self, but them instead,

Hear the peaceful silent sound,

No planes above, few cars around.

Soon it will be back to work and school,

We must not rush, play it cool,

Open up to soon, more haste, less speed,

Coherent strategy’s what we need.

A strange time we’re in, without a doubt,

A killer lurks, we’ve no way out,

Resilience is the way to go,

As Winston said: KBO!

By David Livingston


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