Lockdown 2020

Thinking of our family,

Thinking of our friends,

Thinking of a time,

When we can meet again.

Right now we have to wait,

It's time to stay at home,

Let this moment pass,

Keep safe you're not alone.

The world's at a standstill,

A strange place to be,

We're all in this together,

We're part of history.

Our country is in lockdown,

Key workers are the stars,

They keep the country going,

Whilst others can't go far.

It's a scary time to live,

Whilst this virus is around,

Waiting for a vaccine,

Or a cure to be found.

The NHS are heroes,

Working out on the frontline,

We stand and clap for them,

Every Thursday evening time.

Thinking of those affected,

By this pandemic bug,

Sending lots of love,

And a great big virtual hug.

When all of this is over,

A distant memory,

Let's not forget the spirit,

Of our global family.

By Holly Atkinson

#rhyme #keyworkers #lockdown #lockdownlife


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