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Lockdown 2020 - A poem for children

You may have heard about a germ,

That's causing quite a stir,

It's called Coronavirus,

And it's made our lives a blur.

It's super, super tiny,

Smaller than a flea,

Washing hands can stop it,

Passing onto you from me.

It might all sound quite scary,

It's ok to feel afraid,

Frustrated, sad or grumpy,

All of this will fade.

For we are super heroes,

We can fight this bug,

Just by staying home,

Keeping safe and snug.

And for a little while,

We can't see all our friends,

The park, the pool, aquarium,

Will be there when this ends.

You may be missing family,

They will be missing you,

When you meet again,

Think of all you'll say and do.

One day this will be over,

The bug will not win,

Life will be back to normal,

And we will hug and grin.

By Holly Atkinson


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