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Lockdown Learning

120-days was Bee Happy schools opening

Homeschooling started as COVID was coming.

The weather was kind and the sun shone hot

In class we learnt spellings with Sir Linkalot.

Each day starts with a wake-up workout

Burpees, press-ups and spinning about.

Maths mountains of doom and Mathletics,

Learning the time as the clock goes tick.

11 o’clock and time for TV

Bake Off, Esme and Deadly Sixty.

Arts and crafts have been done

A tree house we built and that was fun.

Harry Potter and Narnia have been our school books

World war II, back in time we learn and look.

Lockdown eases, a school trip to the beach

Mum and Dad have played teacher taking turn each.

Now summer is here, school says it’s returning

Thanks Mum and Dad for our fun lockdown learning.

By Phoebe Skinner


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