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One Day At A Time

Heard the news in Jan,

My fiancé and I were to become a fam.

In Feb we found out was two,

Being a parent, not a clue.

March came and Covid 19 hit,

Could my business survive the fan and the sh*t?

Furlough scheme no help for me,

Seems I fall through cracks,

Is that fair on me?

Hit the house DIY and draw plans,

To do the work,

With my own two hands.

April soon became May, 

Always listening,

To what the news had to say.

Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom done,

The DIY skills though, 

Far from second to none.

Company still somehow going,

Will it still be in months to come?

No real possibility of knowing.

Then comes June,

Presented with news of potential doom.

Twin to Twin Transfusion,

What did that mean?

An emergency op to save the twins,

Otherwise, they will never have been.

50/50 chance for both to make it,

Trying to stay strong,

No room to fake it.

26 weeks growth as of today,

The doctors hope we can get,

The next 6 weeks out the way.

Business, home, pregnancy ongoing,

What the future holds,

No way of knowing.

Countries tearing themselves apart, Never has a time felt So painful on my heart.

Stay positive,

It will be alright,

Tell myself that in the middle of the night.

We will pull through, one day at a time.

I hope the world can save itself,

Give our boys an opportunity to shine.

By Wez Merchant

#hope #unknown


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