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This Time Last Year

Zoom was just a noise that rockets made and bubbles floated through the air,

Tiers were known as the height of cakes and queues outside supermarkets were rare.

Corona was only a beer, to be enjoyed with lime in the sun,

Lockdown was a phrase rarely heard and not the norm for everyone.

Pandemics were just read about in history books, Barnard Castle was an unknown attraction,

Popping round for a cuppa at a friend’s house posed no fear of contraction.

A super spreader was a man on a train that, arrogantly, took up too much space,

A detective needed to be called if there was need for track and trace.

Flattening the curve was what was done to waistlines with the help of Spanx or magic pants,

As for herd immunity, a medical term, perhaps reserved for elephants.

Masks were purely for fancy dress, not the fashion "must have" of the year,

You could leave the safety of home without concern of 2m social distancing fear.

2020 has broadened our vocab, but reduced our lives in so many ways,

As we sit on the cusp of a new year, let’s hope “thank goodness it’s over” becomes THE 2021 phrase.


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