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Too Much

I’ve mastered Hot Yoga

I’ve learnt how to Zoom

I’ve toured Chester Zoo

From my own living room

I’ve sprouted a beard

I’ve grown luscious locks

I’ve made a face mask

From an old pair of socks

I’ve watched all of Netflix

Learnt cooking techniques

Made one tank of petrol

Last for 13 weeks

I’ve watched bands on-line

Queued at shops to enter

Learnt what’s the mileage

To Durham town centre

I’ve sorted my wardrobe

Gave walls a good glossing

Perfected my island

On Animal Crossing

I’ve typed, griped, and Skyped

War and Peace, I have read

I’ve eaten my body weight

In sourdough bread

I’ve conquered Cubism

In an on-line art lesson

I’ve learnt 7 languages

Ich habe gegessen

I’ve clapped every Thursday

Survived highs and lows

Can’t see out my window

For all the rainbows

I’ve done every jigsaw

I’ve smiled, and cried tears

I’ve smashed up 6 tellies

When Boris appears

Played so much Scrabble

Yet still I will lose

Bought Amazon stuff

That I will never use

The garden’s like Kew

The lawn’s like Wemberlee

I’ll be glad when it’s over

Lockdown’s too much for me…

By Chris White


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