You turned against the teachers

And all their expertise

You turned against the pupils

In difficult days like these

You turned against opinion

Of varying degrees

You turned - you turned - you turned

You turned opportunity

To failure not success

You turned into this situation

Into un-needed stress

You turned down a chance

To do just what is best

You turned - you turned - you turned

You turned up the heat

When you could have turned it down

You turned education

into a battle ground

You turned this can of worms

Upside down and on the ground

You turned - you turned - you turned

You turned your backs on many

And chose to face the few

Now you want to turn the tide

In what you seek to do

Turn back time to change your lies

Into something true

you turned - you turned - you turned

Utterly Unfeeling

Unacceptable at best

Untrustworthy, Undone

Untenable Unimpressed

Unelectable and Useless

Ungraded in this test

U failed - U failed - U failed

By Paul Cookson


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