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Stuck in lockdown, mind in meltdown

Skype calls, night falls, boxers, dressing gown

No more social, that’s the height of it

Warned off sparking a Marlboro light and it

Makes me cranky, my barnet’s manky,

Bearded, trapped like some cornered Banksy

Feeling jaded, overrated

The taste of freedom anticipated

Coronavirus, will our bosses fire us?

Daytime T.V., Miley Cyrus

Careless sneeze in the queue at Co-op

Kid on skateboard pulls tricks, show off

One in, one out, bread aisle dances

Low on booze, I’ll take my chances

Death toll rises, economic crisis

No more chat ‘bout Brexit, ISIS

Beers are cooling, done home schooling

Won’t be long now, who you fooling?

Food addiction, become quite devout

I’m getting fat, I need to get out!

By Mark Hanna


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