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When The Humans Paused The World

’Twas the turn of a new decade

’Twas the dawn of a new year

What had passed had been quite sombre

But something worse would soon appear

There was a virus; an infection

Fever, malaise and coughing

It was spreading at a rapid rate

And showed no signs of stopping

At first they worried for the elderly

And those with something underlying

But it was troublesome for everyone

There could be no denying

And so the humans they decided

That this thing must be repelled

They considered and they blithered

Then they went and paused the world

Self isolation measures

Meant they all must stay at home

And every introvert rejoiced

As interaction was postponed

On every child across the land

A huge smile could be seen

For school was closed for boys and girls

And those who dwelled between

It was crazy, it was frantic

Hysteria did unfold

En masse they flocked towards the shops

Buying all the toilet rolls

They used every ounce of self restraint

When the sun hung outside smiling

It winked and cooed and soothed their mood

And was really quite beguiling

The dogs, they were ecstatic

They bounced giddily on all fours

Because their human friends they loved and missed

Now had to stay indoors

Parents quickly came to realise

Having kids all day was tough

And soon came to the consensus

That teachers just weren’t paid enough

They invested in their hobbies

And found new ways to spend the day

Many even started podcasts

Despite not having much to say

It was a time of much reflection

Navel gazing saw a rise

That there was more to life than jobs and screens

Seemed to come as a surprise

Masks adorned their faces

And they passed with extra speed

There was much talk of compassion

But even more displays of greed

“2 metre gap, 2 metre gap!”

The cries rang out like a klaxon

And all the misanthropic types

Gained tremendous satisfaction

World leaders pointed fingers

“We must find out who’s to blame!”

Which perhaps was rather futile

Whilst people suffered all the same

Erroneous and spurious

The truth was quite elusive

Professionals in every field

Had nothing deemed conclusive

So they went online for answers

They scoured and scanned for hours

And finding nothing fruitful

Pinned it on the 5G towers

Everyone knew someone

Who’d got word from someone they knew

That garlic, baths or ritual dance

Would ward off the deadly ague

For combustion and commuting

A restriction was upheld

And they sat at home computing

When the humans paused the world

Roads lay barren and abandoned

They went just where they could tread

And whilst they thought about the breaths they took

Earth got to breathe instead

And that’s how it transpired

When the humans stopped the clock

Though economies came crashing down

Everyone was taking stock

They realised what they wanted

Only when taken from their hands

A swift reminder of mortality

Halted all their future plans

They craved their absent loved ones

Those far away and those they’d lost

And appreciated value

That went beyond a simple cost

Through all the tribulation

One question would remain

How did they want their world to be

When it started up again?

By Kurt Deed


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