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2020: The Year We Saw The Truth

We saw the wrinkles, we saw the grey.

We saw people in lounge wear, each and every day.

We saw faces absent of cosmetic masks.

We saw struggles when forced to complete basic tasks.

We saw production budgets stripped back to just a man and a mic.

We saw the truth of what people were really like.

We saw raw emotion rain down struggling cheeks.

We saw politicians buckle under the strain week by week.

We saw celebrity's houses, we saw crazy, wild hair.

We saw the actuality of all laid bare.

We saw communities pull together with care and compassion.

We saw great companies step up to offer new PPE fashion.

We saw the reality of the situation etched on people’s faces.

We saw the selfish out in public spaces.

We saw those that were greedy, we saw those that gave all.

We saw many rise up and the mighty did fall.

We saw how we reacted when we were put under strain.

We saw the lengths people would go to ease another’s pain.

In a situation like this, there is nowhere to hide.

What it brings to light is the truth inside.

By Michelle Stevens


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