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Highlight Of The Week

Standing in the supermarket queue staring at the floor,

Inching patiently and slowly towards the supermarket door.

A snaky, wavy trail of shoppers stand respectively apart,

All waiting together for the highlight of their week to start.

We all ponder this new situation in a flabbergasted daze,

Who’d have thought at Christmas a supermarket queue would resemble crystal maze.

One in, one out, no longer synonymous with a pub or club,

But just the way we must behave if we want to buy some grub.

A line typical of airport security without the exciting destination,

A scene now the norm right across our nation.

I anticipate my moment of supermarket sweep,

Although with not a bargain deal in sight a shop no longer cheap.

But expected excitement still awaits of crisps, biscuits and frozen peas,

New cereal perhaps some cake and a brand new block of cheese!

Hoping that today I can shout bingo, tick all items off my list,

Flour, mince, perhaps broccoli, does bog roll even still exist??

I clutch my Bag For Life, adjust my gloves, my moment's drawing near,

I text a friend and neighbour, "Do you need anything as I’m here?"

My time's arrived, I reach the front, feeling like a winner,

Ready for my highlight of a spontaneous, unplanned surprise for dinner.

He passes the disinfected trolley, it’s my turn to enter through the door,

Previously, in different circumstances, I’d have said . . . I need to get out more!

By Michelle Stevens


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