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Shop Local

Go visit the butcher, go visit the baker,

Find out if you've got a local candlestick maker.

Grab a takeaway coffee from your independent barista,

Buy a croissant and cake, purchase one more for your sister.

From the local bookshop, order a take away novel,

To read during your lunch break in your home office hovel.

As for takeaway options, feed your bored appetite,

Pick up a Thai, Greek or curry perhaps a Moroccan delight.

And if you‘re ordering gifts, please make the time,

To see if a local shop or trader is selling online.

Just think of their smile if you choose to select,

To purchase their wares via Click & Collect.

Or perhaps pay it forward, buy a treat for next year,

You could help be the saviour of someone’s career.

We must keep them ticking, they need our support to survive.

Keep buying local to keep our town’s trade alive.

By Michelle Stevens


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