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Strange Days

Locked inside, nowhere to go

Except queuing at Aldi for an hour or so

The thrill, the excitement, your heart beating faster

Will you be able to find any pasta?

Maybe nip out for a quick walk or run

Frown at anybody who looks like they’re having fun

Passed the closed shops and dog walkers you dart

Trying to stay 2 metres apart

Later, you panic, develop nervous tics

When you realise you’ve watched EVERYTHING on Netflix

Dusting off board games, must play them properly

As you try to remember the rules to Monopoly

Clap every Thursday around 8pm

For NHS heroes (we truly love them)

Whilst also providing an answer to the quiz

Of what day of the week it actually is

Was it tomorrow? When is today?

Are we still in March? Is it April or May?

When did my beard become long and wiry?

Why’d I bother buying that 2020 diary?

And now we’re housebound, there’s so much to do!

Online theatre, virtual trips to the zoo

Living room yoga and workouts keep you thin

Not enough hours to fit keeping fit in

And great acts of kindness come to the fore

Communities rally like never before

We keep on keeping on, it’s all we can do

Dazed in strange days that we’re all living through.

By Chris White


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